2015 SPRING CLASS AT MOUNT STORM                                    STUDIO

International artist Sandra Wright is offering art classes at her home based studio in Mount Storm (scroll for map directions bellow). 


.Sandra wants to share her life long esperience along the wealth of information she has received from various art personalities as Mary Ekroos from the prestigious Egeli family (Mary is the oldest daughter of the late DC artist renown Bjorn Egeli and according to the artist Mary Ekross is the most talented of all them) and present day master Kerry Dunn the 2014 International Portrait Competition winner between others now she wants to share it with the area residents for a Spring season of art and fun.

Sandra, Kerry Dunn and Eastern Shore artist hai-Ou Hou at her residence this past March.


The classes are three hour long lasting 5 sessions and the students can choose Saturdays or Sundays according to the information bellow starting May 16th. Any of the  classes are $55.00. You can use cash, check, credit card or Paypal to make your payment.  A list of supplies will be send to every student after payment.


Please Note:

Enrollments are on the first to come basis as there are only seven spaces available per class to make sure the artist can spend enough time instructing every student individually.

Saturday May 16th through Saturday June 13th. From 9 am - 12 noon


Still Life Drawing:


Learn to drawn  objects and fabric. Sandra will be using a three dimensional arrangement of objects  that the students will draw from.


Saturday May 16th through Saturday Jun 13th. From 12 (noon) - 3 pm



Portrait Drawing


Draw your favorite family member, a friend or yourself. During this class your will learn about proportions, angles and various shading techniques ( the estudents can bring their own photos).

Sunday May 17th through Sunday June 14th. From 9 am - 12 (noon)


Still Life Painting in Oils


Do you feel ready to use color in your art work? Lets then try to make your own masterpiece in oil and display your work at home.

Sunday May 17th through Sunday June 14th. From 12 (noon) - 3 pm


Portrait Painting in Oils


Proficient enough in your drawing and now want to venture  with oils? Then try your hand at Oil Portrait and enter into the world's most interesting and intricate part of art: The Art of Portrait Painting



From Mount Storm's Liberty Gas Station on route 93 drive to Grassy Ridge Road on the Left then follow the road until the end at 641 Paul Stahl Road if you coming from Keyser.


If you coming from Thomas or Davis  from route 93 turn on Grassy Ridge Road on the Right and follow the road till the end at 641 Paul Stahl Road.


You will see a big rock painted with the colors of the USA flag.



Click here to go to Google Maps and find driving directions!