Path of the Artist : The High School Years

As years went by I continue with my almost obsessive compulsion on drawin, eyes and lips most of the time on any piece of paper or on the back of books and such even on old newspaper issues putting my onw features on top of the black and white photos of people feature. I wanted to see all the possibilities a face could offer, pointed chins, double chins, wide eyeliids, long noses, small mouths, wide foreheads, arched eye brows, all the gamut of choices and see what would happen even all photos of me changing things around, my mother didn't understand why I was doing it many times saying mocking: " Do you think you re artist? Don't think yourself one!" etc, etc. She even thought and said very clearly that doing such acts of drawing such gibberish were not of a proper decent woman but that of a doubtful reputation (no her excact words but something more vulgar, every time she directed her anger and her despite toward her only daughter, she never mingle in proper or decent vocalulary herself all the opposite but that was how her strange mind worked).

However, I as a young woman was almost immune to all the jabs and insults of hers, I went on with my compulsive drawing, my mind was at its prime, I could absorb everything in any school class and college and still have time to draw on the back of my notebooks. I did pretty good in highschool, I spent most of my school years on private schools some quite spensive for a lonely unloved girl like me I have had the opportunity to splurge in knowledge and acadamia so I felt lucky in someway.

College was a total different thing, my mother couldn't afford a private university so I have to try to get into the only two best public universities in twon so I finally go the chance with one and not what I really want to study (computer engineering) but Physics seem close enough so I went along, I only want to be in college and learn whatever that my be!

The lesson I learned, that being poor doesn't give you much choice and that being a femaile nobody takes you seriously and you are the tarjet of jokes when you try to do something that is not the norm on a close minded society. By I survived all some how.