2015 has been an eventfull year in the artist life marked by many successes and achievements, here are a few examples (your maybe able to click in some pictures to expand):

Meeting with  the 2014  winner of the American Portrait Society competition Kerry Dunn at the Chesapeake Fine Art Studios in Maryland and it's owner, Hai-Ou Hou.

From lef to right: Hai-Ou, Kerry and the artist

Chesapeake Fine Art Studios is an amazing place to visit, on the right you can see Kerry Dunn busy at work!


Some fine examples of Kerry's work


Next, came credited Portrait Drawing Class at Potomac State College in Keyser, WV. The artist got acquainted to an amazing talent and a very heterogeneous group while teaching there!

Between  talented group of students it is worth mentioning Wanda Broadwater, Joyce Stewart, Karen Romiti McGehee,Zach Lease, Kenneth Battle, Nancy Judd, Leah Thompson, Peggy Letherman and last but not least James House. 

Above, extremely  talented Wanda Broadwater's work.

Left and up, some examples of Joyce Stewart .

Bellow, Nancy Judd!

Bellow, Peggy Letherman.


An article about the artist appeared on the Lake Front Magazine of Garrett County in western Maryland.


The artist was awarded a scholarchip to the 2015 Portrait Society Conference in, Atlanta, Georgia. There she got to meet some of the most important personalities in the art of portrait  like Daniel Greene, Bruno Lucchesi, Mary Whyte, Quang Ho, Teresa Oaxaca and  John Singer Sargent's historian and closest living relative: Richard Ormond between a few.

Live demonstrations by the proffesionals

View through the hotel's window at the Grand Hyatt in Atlant.

Some of this year's competitors, on the right is this year's winner: Max Ginsburg.

The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, friendly and spacious!

Richard Ormond, Singer Sargent's great nephew and historian.

Above: The Great Master and his wife : artists Daniel Greene and Wende Caporale.

The Classic: Bellow, Jean Renoir.

The Modern: On the left, "Coca Cola Spillls" by Andy Warhol.

Sandra's arwork "Shhh..." was selected as the from cover for the "Blue Door Journal" Quaterly magazine in Yonkers, New York. This was the start of a very good year for this piece!

Despite all the above however by the end of April and all the way through June it was the busiest time for the artist but also the most rewarding you will see why.

Sandra's First Solo Art Show at the Garrett Arts Council's gallery in Oakland in Maryland was an important milestone for the artist .

very soon after that, the NYC website Tart Talks selected "Shhh..." as part of the online exhibit called: "Mug Shots". Another great moment for the artist!!

Soon after anewspaper article writting by  news editor Tom Hencke appeared on the Grand County Press.



By that time the artist  also spent some time teaching at the Summer Art Camps in Elkins, WV Virginia at the Randolph County Community Art Center. The children at her care were the special hightlight of that week!

However the biggest news was yet to come.  She was named the winner for the 2015 Best Of West Virginia Art Show. One of her biggest triumphs to date. More than 400 contestanst entered this year's competition only 20% made it to the final show and  one was the winner!

The department of Education and the art sent a congratulatory letter.

Different newspapers in Maryland and Virginia took notice as well.

The Trophy!

Online media as well took notice like The Charleston Gazette Online, The Inter Mountain online and Tart Talks to name just a few.

Click on the image to learn more about "Shhh..." and the artist on the blog written by Molly Baker Halstead, curator of the David L. Dickirson Fine Art Gallery.

Next comes Linus Gallery from California choosing  award winning "Shhh..." to be part of  its online art exhibit "Physique"!