"From the inner depths of my mind I have always known I wanted to paint nudes. I was eight years old when I draw my first male and female nude believe or not. I don't remember where I saw the first one myself.

Maybe was my mother's  old encyclopedia when at age of four she pointed  at Francisco Goya's "La Maja Desnuda" (The Nude Maja) and told me how beautiful and amajestic a painting it was.  But also told me that some people have not taken it too well and Franciso was forced to paint a "La Maja Vestida" (The Clothed Maja) for them.  

At such a young I could  not understand whay people was so mad about . Personally I was filled with awe and admiration. Not soon after I will be introduced to Roman and Greek art: Sculptures of warriors and emperors detailing all the immaculate perfection of a man's build.

To put it simply I was hooked since  and knew what art meant and  also intituively that the human body was the most perfect expresion of it"

First ever original design trophy giving during this year's the Best Of WV art Show 2015 to its winners.

It is all made of glass and quite heavy! A great honor!

"Shhh..." Oil on Canvas Board. 16" x 20"

I felt inspire to do this thought provoking piece because my love to the macabre and misshievousness human nature also the double entendre where you can intrepret the red stuff as blood or cherry pie filling. I will let it to your imagination!



"Shhh..." is the "2015 Best Of  The West Virginia Art Show" winner.


 Front cover for vol 1.2 of The Blue Door Journal magazin of Yonker, New York.


One of the pieces selecte for the "Mug Shots" exhibit in NYC online gallary for Tart Talks


Numerous news papers also have comented on this piece like the Cumberland Times News of Maryland and the Charleston Gazette





The beauty of the female form with soft hightlights throughout


  "The Female Fegure"

Pencil and chalk on pastel paper

16" x 20"  



The hard planes of a fit male body  intertwined together.

Colored Pencil and Pastel on paper

 12" x 16"


"On a Pensive Mood"

In this piece I wanted to show dreamy soft look in the background and the sofness of the skin. 

Pastel on Paper

8" x 10"

"On a Red Tablecloth" 

This is one of my favorite pieces, the bronzed skin tones and the beauty of the face and layers of hair contrast with the red table and the blue towel nearby. I always love very dark backgrounds a it gives  a touches of mistery to a painting!

Oil on Framed Wood

13" x 13"


"Profile of a Woman"

I wanted to create a sense of value and dimension on the skin folds and the feeling of pressure of hands on hips feeling.

Pastel and Pencil 12" x16"


"The Seating" 

In heare I wanted to used the tonal background of the paper as the darkest dark on the female's skin tone so it blends together.

Pastel on Paper

11' x 8.5"


"By the Candelight"

A touch of sorcery and mistery in this piece where I keep the face of the model hidden to complete the mood of the scine. Observe the tan lines, this was a fun piece to do.

Oil on Canvas Board

8" x 10"



"A Still Life Study"

This painting was sold to a British collector in 2014. I want to crate a texture on the head wrap and showdow on the face and neck to contrast with the fairness of the skin.


Oil on Canvascloth

12" x 16"


"La Maja Dormida" ("The Sleepping Maja")

This is a homage to Goya's masterpiece "La Maja Desnuda" ("The Naked Maja)

Pastel on Paper. 12" x 20"


"Study on a Female' Back"

The exquisite famle form once again, I use again the natural color of the papel to form part of the skin texture and create a sense of depth and volume.

Pastel on Paper

8" x 10"

Bellow are again a few of my most recent portraits some with a touch of playfulness like in "Selfie after the Race" or

quiet dignity like in the "Girl From Georgia".  Portraits and  the human figure are my only intent at the moment as I want to explore all their possiblities   either be comical, surreal or tragic.

"The Girl From Georgia"

I did this portrait during my stay in Atlanta this year at the American Portrait Conference and put the finishing touching in my hotel room. I wanted to show the beautiful skin and features and the intricacies of the hair on this young woman.

Pastel and white charcoal

12" x 16"

"Selfie After the Race"

This  was another fun painting to do, my friend Angie Sincell supplieD me the photo as I found it quite adorable. At close you can see small foot and hand prints throughout the background, I even added them to the frame!

Oil on Board

12" x 16"


"Looking through the Cracks" 

Oh, my! this paintig is other of the fun ones. I have a high sense of humor which has helped me to laugh during the hardest circumstances. Here I wanted to portrait the older clown trying hard to be cute but failing misarably. The drawn trarget on his chest represents him being the butt of all jokes.

Oil on Board

16" x 20"


"Venus Underwater" 

This beautiful mermaid sumerged in the dark waters with her hair ondulating and the bubbles lending a surreal feeling to this painting.

Oil on Board


"Andromeda al Desnudo"

("The Nude Andromeda")

The mythological Andromeda free at last of the chains  before being converted in one of the  constellations in the firmament.

Oil on Panel


"Behind the Curtains"

A lonely figure in a reflective mood after her performance.  Erotic and suggestive.

Oil on Canvas

18" x 24"


Disclaimer: Because of unscrupulous individuals my paintings only can be purchased on this site using PayPal or credit card only. The price includes framing, packaging and shipping. No returns accepted.

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