"From the inner depths of my mind I have always known I wanted to paint nudes. I was eight years old when I draw my first male and female nude believe or not. I don't remember where I saw the first one myself.

Maybe was my mother's  old encyclopedia when at age of four she pointed  at Francisco Goya's "La Maja Desnuda" (The Nude Maja) and told me how beautiful and amajestic a painting it was.  But also told me that some people have not taken it too well and Franciso was forced to paint a "La Maja Vestida" (The Clothed Maja) for them.  

At such a young I could  not understand whay people was so mad about . Personally I was filled with awe and admiration. Not soon after I will be introduced to Roman and Greek art: Sculptures of warriors and emperors detailing all the immaculate perfection of a man's build.

To put it simply I was hooked since  and knew what art meant and  also intituively that the human body was the most perfect expresion of it"

First ever original design trophy giving during this year's the Best Of WV art Show 2015 to its winners.

It is all made of glass and quite heavy! A great honor!

"Shhh..." Oil on Canvas Board. 16" x 20"

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Bellow are again a few of my most recent portraits some with a touch of playfulness like in "Selfie after the Race" or

quiet dignity like in the "Girl From Georgia".  Portraits and  the human figure are my only intent at the moment as I want to explore all their possiblities   either be comical, surreal or tragic.