All the artwork presented here are originals and all come with ready to hang frames.



"Flying Low" 11" x 14". Oil on Canvas. $1,700.00


8" x 10" . Oil on  board.

"Morning at the Lake" Inspire but the views of Mount Storm, West Virginia

 11" x 14". Oil on board.


"Eastern Shore Marshes". Inspire by Maryland's Eastern Shore landscape.

8"x 10". Oil on board.


"The Raging Weather at Mount Storm". Inspired by

the thounderous weather in this lovely West Virginia town.

24" x 30". Oil on canvas.



"The Rain is Coming to Maysville". Inspire by the beauty and quite of the hills of this West Virginia town.

8" x  10". Oil on canvas




"Winter Morning in Maine". Inspire by the shore Winter vacations in the shores of Maine.

11" x 14". Oil on board.


"Sunset by the Lake" A take on the stunning sunsets at Mount Storm Lake in WV.

16" X 20". Oil on Canvas.


'The Windmills from Maysville". A take of the Windmills from my friend Joan Mace of her Farm in Maysville, WV.

8" X 10". Oil on board.


"The Windmills by Rt 219" Idyllic view of the Eastern Panhandle of WV the early morning.

20" x 16"

$3,800.00. Oil on board

"Wandering on the Hills"WV". 8" x 10'. Oil on board.




"Winter Memories". Take of the long Winter months spent at beautiful Mount Storm, WV.16" x 20". Oil on canvas.